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The purpose of HR Analyzis is to map the human capital, to know how the corporate culture is working and design a framework to measure and improve



We analyse the human capital and find the corporate DNA through 5 different analyzes

  • Corporate Culture - identifies the company in three stages: Overview – Proximity - Contexts, which again identifies the tension areas
  • Leadership - what they do and which critical leadership skills are missing
  • Individual - who they are and how they match their current job or other internal positions
  • Performance – The Gap between this organisation and if it ́s only Top Performers



By partnering with us, you can be sure that we have:

  • Market leading products
  • Knowledge required to deliver
  • Knowledge of the market we operate in
  • Focus on speed and efficiency
  • Tailoring and flexibility
  • Focus on communication
  • Professionalism throughout


People Knowledge


Identification of your employees according to strengths and weaknesses in relation to company key figures.

People Awareness


How to predict the unknown knowns.

Executive report of the analysis, visually in the HRA DashboardTM solution.

Highlights the need of change and development in the organisation.

  • What characterizes our Corporate Culture? Does the result fit with what we want it to be?
  • How does our culture fit with the culture of the company we acquire?
  • Which competences and potentials do the leaders have?


People Power


Using positive psychology, can we make the company capable of accommodating future needs by focusing on development of individuals, teams and organizations.


People Tomorrow


Top-performing employees create extraordinary results that provide a solid foundation for business growth.

"The right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus" Jim Collins



Our team wants to help companies to;

  • Get an overview of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reach their potential.
  • Exploit the human capital that is in the company.

Our team consists of a number of competent people in developing effective cultures in organizations.


Our management team has extensive leadership experience in international companies, with;

  • Merger & acquisition of businesses
  • Analysis of the organisation's human capital
  • Development of individuals and groups
  • Major HR projects from recruitment to downsizing
  • ROI on HR projects


Get in touch with us for further information.


CEO & Partner


+47 900 85 002



Keen ambitions to achieve shareholders value in developing business ideas, through organic growth, mergers, acquisitions or turn arounds.


Core Competance

  • Top management experience from small, medium and large organizations
  • Funding and development of start-up businesses
  • Strategic marketing activities and branding nationally and internationally
  • Depth expertise in process industry and logistics


CSO & Partner


+47 909 56 554


Henning has extensive experience in working with Performance management in organizations, find the best talent and why they are the best. What you need to do to develop the organization's culture,

so that it becomes an organization of people who are suited theire positions so they will become good leaders and exploit their competencies and potential.


Organisational Developer, recruiter, coach and facilitator. More than 25 years experience in leadership development, sales, restructuring and logistics from both Norwegian and global companies.



Executive coach & Partner


+47 4800 1089


Marianne has worked as a business coach for the last 10 years and is applying the coaching tools and mind set when implementing organizational changes, leadership development and facilitating strategic changes. Marianne trains managers in Transition Management and offers executive coaching.


Marianne has an international coaching certification from ITS, London and is a certified Meta NLP Coach.

She has been trainer on The Coaching Company’s (DK) 9 days Executive Coach programme (ICF accredited) and their custom-made workshops within Coaching Based Leadership.



Behavior Analyst & Partner


+47 952 44 249


Finn has worked as manager, consultant, and University teacher since 1982. From 1988 I have worked as a independent consultant. He has worked with personal assessments since 1990, and have got a lot of experience with these kinds of assessments. His specialties is to compare data from different systems, and develop a strategic plan for talent management and Leadership development.



Sandakerveien 24D entrance F3

0473 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 909 56 554

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We measure the HR Capital in corporations. We assist companies and Private Equity companies during Merger & Acquisitions and development processes, to make the right choices in a predictable, informative and effective way so you can measure ROI on the investment.

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